From Hwy 1 take the Morrissey Blvd. exit.

The Archery Range is located in Santa Cruz California, North of Prospect Hts on Brookwood Drive. You must access the range by either Morrissey Blvd. or LaFonda Ave.

If you are traveling North on Hwy 1, exit at Soquel Dr. then turn left onto Soquel Dr. and stay in the right lane. Turn right on LaFonda Ave (at Harbor High School athletic field) and follow LaFonda Ave to Prospect Hts and turn right. From there, follow the Prospect Hts directions below.

If you are traveling South on Hwy 1 or Hwy 17 (Santa Cruz, San Jose, etc.), exit at Morrissey Blvd. Please note that the Morrissey exit is immediately after Hwy 17 merges into Hwy 1 so you need to move to the right safely but quickly.

Once you exit, turn left at the stop sign, and then left at the light onto Morrissey Blvd., you will be driving over Hwy 1. Follow Morrissey as it curves down onto the freeway onramp heading back north and take the first exit after the underpass.
This will get you onto Rooney St., turn right. At the stop sign, Rooney turns into Morrissey Blvd., follow Morrissey parallel to Hwy 1 and continue as it bares left. After Morrissey bears left, turn right at the stop sign opposite DeLaveaga Elementary school onto Prospect Heights. Once on Prospect Heights, follow the directions below.

Directions from Prospect Heights:
Follow Prospect Heights to the end, as the road turns left, it drops down and then continues left up the hill. At the left turn, Prospect Heights turns into Brookwood Drive. Ignore the “Not a through street” sign there, if the archery range gate is closed, Brookwood Dr doesn’t continue.

At the end of the paved portion of Brookwood Drive, pass through the green gate. Bare right at the fork at the top of the hill then keep right. Follow the fire road down the hill and look for the road to flatten out and then to drop into a paving stone stream crossing. Immediately after the stream crossing, the road widens out significantly to the left, that’s the Archery range parking lot. Park there (hood in or trunk in) and walk up the access road to the left next to the split rail fence.

Note: If you turn right before Prospect Hts turns up the hill, you will be southbound on Brookwood Drive and you will find yourself on a one way road to Dominican Hospital. Turn right on Paul Sweet Road and go back to Soquel Ave. and turn right. Follow the LaFonda Ave directions from there.

Please remember that the range is open to the public from noon to 4:00 PM, Saturdays and Sundays. Closing the gates is managed by First Alarm, opening the gates is shared between the club and First Alarm. If the club does not have a morning event, the gates are opened and locked at First Alarm’s schedule with noon and 4 PM as their target times. The exit gate can be locked exactly at 4 PM, so please plan your time accordingly.