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Offsite Events:
DateActivityHost / Location
June 27      CBH/SAA Carp JamboreeLos Banos
July 4-5     Sea HuntHumboldt Archers (Eureka, CA)
July 19       Bug ShootMt. Madonna
Aug 1-2      1,000,000 BC (a.k.a. Dino Shoot)SF Archers (Pacifica, CA)
Sep 6        MTBA 900 RoundBlack Mountain Bowmen (San Jose, CA)
Sep 13       State 900 RoundSalinas Bowmen (Salinas, CA)
Oct 18 Bad Boys of Branciforte Santa Cruz Archers (Santa Cruz, CA)

All shoots are in 2009.
These shoots, JOAD events, and other novelty shoots can be found at the respective internet sites. All listed archery activities are in California unless otherwise noted. For more information, visit:
National Archery Association (USA Archery)
State Archers of California
California Bowmen Hunters & State Archery Association   Phone: 925-208-2036
National Field Archery Association   Phone: 800-811-2331