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Local Archery Clubs:
Kings Mountain Archers (Woodside, CA)
Salinas Bowmen (Salinas, CA near Prundale)
Bowhunters Unlimited (Cupertino, CA)
Black Mountain Bowmen (South San Jose, CA)
San Francisco Archers (Pacifica, CA)
Redwood Bowmen (Oakland, CA)
Santa Cruz Archers (Santa Cruz, CA)

Archery Organizations:
NAA - National Archery Association
NFAA - National Field Archery Association
NADA - National Alliance for the Development of Archery
FITA - Federation Internationale de Tir a L'Arc
IFAA - International Field archery Association
CBH/SAA - California Bowman Hunters / State Archery Association

Equipment Manufacturers:
Easton Archery
Martin Archery Products
Mathews Bows
TQ Bows
Win & Win Archery

Archery sites worth visiting:
Sagittarius Twente (Discussion board, very international, mostly FITA recurve folks)
Archery Talk (Another discussion board. Many compound bow and hunting folks here.)
Archery Forum (Excellent multi-discipline archery forum)
STAF - Stickbow Target Archery Forum
Stickbow.com - Stickbow and Bowhunting site.
Tradgang.com - Traditional Archery discussion board.
Texas Archery Association - Lots and lots of good information.
Trad. Archery pages - by Rob DiStefano

Blacktail Bows
Bob Lee Archery
Fox Archery
Great Plains Traditional Bow Co.
OL Adcock Custom Traditional Bows
21st Century Longbows